Bungee Jumping



Heart beating fast, muscles stiffen, world turned upside down, desperately trying to touch the land… I was in the air whirling and swinging 85 METERS above the ground! ….

My half-year exams had ended and I needed a break. Rishikesh was my choice for visiting a tourist place just to do Bungee Jumping and River Rafting. I had never thought of how would I feel when I’d be standing right at the edge of the bridge ready to jump. I reached that spot early morning, around 8 am. And guess what, my turn came around 2 pm. I was surprised to see so many extreme sports lovers. They also had another sport: ‘Flying Fox’. You would simply be hanged on a wire and let you slide down. It is the Asia’s largest line slide route for tourists: 1km. I had enough time so I did that too….But if you compare this experience with Bungee one, Bungee wins. After waiting for hours, I was called. A bridge protruding outwards, away from the hills was constructed on a hillside. The bridge did not have two supports. It was connected to the hill on one side and the other was free… in the mid-air!


From that edge we had to jump. As I was going there, I could hear a shout as in a horror movie every 3 minutes… But I was totally amazed as there was no one who was nervous at the end. It was because they had music playing there and the crew would motivate you from time to time until your turn comes.

The real fear WILL BE FELT when you are standing right at the edge. First you will get a belt which will increase your heartbeat, then your legs will be tied together to ‘leg-cuffs’ made for them to awaken your conscience, an elastic rope will be tied to those ‘leg-cuffs’. Now you can’t move easily. If you want to turn back, you can’t. If you try to, you fall! That bridge is definitely not safe to fall on where there are no barriers around. Then you will slowly move towards the edge. As you move towards it, your conscience will shiver, restlessness will prevail, you will try to turn back but you can’t! There are leg-cuffs. Before you could think of anything, a voice will be heard from the back, “3, 2, 1, BUNGEE”. You will be given a little push at you legs but the main force is your own’s. But for me, it was like they threw me from that bridge as one often throws bottles in a dustbin. 😀 I was literally falling from a height of 250 ft! They told me to jump upside down but I made a mistake. This increased my fear.


During the start, I was too horrified at the sight of the ground coming closer and closer to speak anything or shout. But as the rope recoiled and compressed, I was pulled back in the air. At this moment I could see the most beautiful landscape I had ever seen. The mountains covered with green trees and see the sun peek from the side making the outline of the mountain shine brightly….



But I was in the air! I came up and up, and then I stood erect and then again faced towards the ground… going down again. During this turning period, you feel like you are actually hovering in the air, neither going upwards nor downwards. It was like I was doing the second jump and the jump was out of control. I knew nothing will happen still I was afraid of going down again. This was the most terrible feeling. Now, as I returned for the last time, there wasn’t enough force that could get me turn upwards and downwards as in it happened in the previous return, this made me panic even more! This time I was going to the jump, or actually, go downwards again with my back facing downwards! At this moment, I shouted terribly 😀 It was the most dangerous time for me. I moved my hands to grab something. Now here is an advice, whenever you do this jump, wear shoes. I wore ‘sandals’ which almost came out of my legs at this moment. My leg-cuffs were tied to them and the rope was tied to the belt and leg-cuffs. I was lucky though 😀 …. Well, by this time, everything was over, but the world was still upside down for me until I relaxed on a soft bed kept below.


This was the most wonderful moment, relaxing on a super-soft bed after jumping from a cliff and that too after exams 😀 !!! The adventure had still not ended. I had jumped from 85 meters above the ground. Then the one of them helped me cross the river flowing alongside to reach the other side. I wondered why, unfortunately, after crossing the river. I asked him, “Why did you make me cross the river ?” He replied,” You just have to climb up that hill to return.” He said that so calmly that I could not do anything but follow his words.  I had jumped from a height of 85 m. There was only one way up, WALK UP THE HILL THROUGH THE FORESTS!!! I don’t know why they never told me of that before. Now, there was no other way. But it added to my adventure experience. In short, my trip to RISHIKESH was awesome. There are so many adventure activities available there, camping, river-crossing river-rafting and much more.


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