How to send String data to Serial Port with Processing ?

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Software Screenshot

Every Arduino project needs to be made presentable. The Serial Monitor of the Arduino IDE is quite user-friendly for the programmer but what if someone wants to send String data to Serial port who is not used to the Arduino environment ? Even when we submit our project, we want a good GUI instead of the IDE itself. This makes our project usable by all, even if the user doesn’t has programming experience.

It is designed to run on Windows 32bit. But it can be made to run on Windows 64, Linux 32 and 64 as well as Mac OS X using the Processing IDE.

Its Open Source!

Processing and Arduino often make a good combination for a totally open source IoT project. So, I decided to make a software that sends String data to Serial Ports. Arduino can read Serial data by the command:

The github files and code can be download from

The direct “.exe” file can be downloaded from

PS: This is my first Open Source Software! 😀


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