This is my first post. I love adventure. Anything we do for the first time frightens us just as the first speech on the mic! And here my hands are shaking as I type every single letter of this post. It’s like an adventure to me. I have no idea where will this post will lead you but still you need to have faith 😀 Okay so, now that i’m in the flow, I can feel that I can write a blog…..

‘Feel’… what a weird word? It’s like it’s been ages since I last used that word. I do express if I’m happy or sad but I don’t remember when did I used the word itself. At least I’ve not forgotten it.

On an adventure, one usually tries to talk calmly. It not only helps him to fight the fear but also helps others to keep their focus of mind away from the real danger and let it pay attention to the useless words of that person.
And I have to tell you that I’m on an adventure. It’s not only because it is my first blog but also that in a have my exams on my head and while everyone is busy in preparations, I’m here going on with my adventure.

On an adventure, the highest stage of fear is at the moment before the journey starts. It’s because we are completely conscious of the dangers and the unusual environment even if we know nothing will hurt us. So now that I have left the edge long back and have jumped off the cliff into this new world, I’ve got a lot to do and share.
Keep on reading!